What does DubsTech do?

DubsTech is UW's most active tech community. Here's a quick overview of what we do.


The bread and butter to our education recipe. Experts in their field lead an active lecture where you get to leave with a project.

Here are some examples of our workshops.

Invision Workshop.jpg

Invision Workshop

Flappy Bird Photo

UX Whiteboarding Workshop

Landing Page Workshop

Weather APp

Build a Weather App Workshop

Refactor UI

Refactoring UI Workshop

NodeJS Photo

Data Visualization Workshop


Our biggest events of the year. The Protothon and Datathon each attract over 200 students, with everyone competing to create the best prototype they can in only a few hours.

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UW’s only UX competition! Here, participants test their rapid prototyping and design thinking skills in two industry inspired, time-sensitive design challenges, and help design the future.

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UW’s first Data Science Hackathon. Our hackathon is open to beginners as well as experts. More than a competition, this event aims to celebrate the field of data science and give students an opportunity to experience working in groups over a data science project.

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MLH Local Hack Day

Major League Hacking’s Local Hack Day is a 12-hour event to bring together tech-enthusiasts from your local community and make that community more connected. It's designed to make it easier for newcomers to get acquainted with the format of a hackathon.

Through Humans of Tech, learn the true stories behind people.

People of Industry

Learn how developers, designers, engineers, and managers got to where they are today.

UX in Mixed Reality

Kara Miekina, Microsoft

Things I Was Never Taught In College

Leroy Tellez, Amazon

Leveraging Design to Chart a Vision

Yuriy Zaremba, Amazon

Succeeding in UX

Russ Wilson, Amazon

People of UW

Follow the journey of a diverse set of students from our very own University of Washington campus.

Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Cherie Ruan, Informatics and Computer Science

Worst Bug Ever

Ryan Keller, Informatics

Getting Started In UX

Siddharth Naik, Information Mangement


Kush Gupta Computer Science

We write articles, too.

Read the latest from the DubsTech journalism lab.
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Var City

UW's first ever Computer Science, Informatics, and HCDE publication. We empower students' voices by publishing their creative work centering around technology.

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Data Science Library

A free go-to resource library to find everything related to data science -- tools, datasets, courses, libraries, and more.

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UX Design Library

The go-to guide for all UX designers for resources, blog articles, design methods, patterns, and principles.

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